Microfibre Systems

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Kwik System velcro frames are built with high-grade extruded aluminum and composites for light weight but extreme durability. This special extra-wide version of the Kwik frame is designed for use with 49.5/51" Velcro flat-mops (60380, 60333) to clean ha... More >>
The BioStic is a completely self-contained mopping system that eliminates the need for a bucket and wringer. With an on-board 650ml solution bottle that uses gravity to dispense cleaning solution with the press of a button, this system is extremely mobil... More >>
Sturdy plastic solution bottle with coloured caps are compatible with our bucketless BioStic frame and handle (Item 60970). Rubber gasket around the lid and at the bottom of the bottle ensure leak-free operation. Holds 650ml of solution. Colour-coded ... More >>
These small pails fit perfectly into the upper trays of our facility maintenance carts for the transport of hand cloths. Available in yellow, red, blue and green to aid in the implementation of HACCP programs.... More >>
This 20L bucket is useful for storage of dry, clean flat mops or for presoaking flat mops in solution prior to cleaning. Can be used with a lid that hermetically seals the bucket so it may be inverted when presoaking mops (sold separately: item 63214). ... More >>
This lid allows our 20L bucket 63211 and 63212) to be hermetically sealed to facilitate the presoaking process of Velcro flat-mops.... More >>
A sturdy rectangular blue bucket that will hold 28L of solution, ideal for presoaking flat mops or storage of clean dry flat mops. Can be used with sieve 63154. Fits on our facility maintenance carts (63150 and 63450).... More >>
Sieve designed for use with 28L flat mop pail (item 63210). Enables the user to let pre-soaked flat mops drain slightly before use to prevent over-wetting the floor.... More >>
This unique roller wringer is "bottomless," allowing the user to rinse flat mops in one side of the bucket while keeping clean solution in the other. Fits our 16451) dual action bucket.... More >>
This unique sidepress-style wringer is "bottomless," allowing the user to rinse mops in one side of the bucket while keeping clean solution in the other. Fits our 16451 dual action bucket.... More >>

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