Microfibre Systems

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This 40 cm collapsible plastic flat mop frame features an innovative design that allows the user to rinse and run a flat microfibre mop through a roller wringer to prevent over-soaking the floor. The hinged frame "collapses" with a simple foot tap, so th... More >>
This 18" non-Velcro flat mop is a good deep-cleaning microfibre pad for washing smooth flooring. The grommet-style flat mop fits our non-Velcro collapsible frame 60868) and can be used in our 66450 divided bucket with roller wringer.... More >>
For picking up and holding dust on any overhead shelf, pipe or fixture, the high pile of our microfibre dusting sleeve is unparalleled. When used with the low-profile, flexible Microblade frame and handle 21801, this duster is extremely versatile. The mi... More >>
The Microblade flexible duster is the answer to awkwardly shaped or high surfaces that need to be dusted. The frame comes with a short handle for jobs at arms' length, but when paired with one of our Kwik system extendable handles 36782 or 36781), high ... More >>
This slip-on dusting sleeve is made from the same Pola Millentex as our microfibre hand cloths, for the very best in dust and grime pickup. The sleeve features a Velcro closure and with proper care can be laundered hundreds of times. Use damp for caked... More >>
Kwik System Velcro frames are built with high-grade extruded aluminum and composites for light weight but extreme durability. The thin, low profile frame fits under furniture with ease. The special connector can swivel 360 deg for use on floors, or be ... More >>
This 23.5" lightweight aluminum spring-clip frame is designed for use with our BioMop biodegradable dust mop sheets (item #70143). Easy to use, the frame can be pre-loaded with up to 4 sheets to maximize cleaning efficiency. Must be used with Kwik System... More >>
For areas where metal is prohibited (for example in an MRI room), this all-plastic Velcro flat frame is the answer. No metal means nothing on the frame can corrode; it can also be autoclaved for sterilization purposes. Can be paired with the 61044 telesc... More >>
This aluminum Kwik System handle is durable yet lightweight. Works with any Kwik Frame or the Microblade flexible dust frame. Does not extend, length is fixed at 60".... More >>
This twist-lock extension handle with Kwik connector is designed for use with any Kwik system flat frame or the Microblade flexible dust frame. With a twist, the handle can extend from 39.5" to 67" long, so that it can be adjusted for ergonomic correctn... More >>

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