Microfibre Systems

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This aluminum and plastic telescoping handle extends from 100 to 185 cm and can be used with the 60892 plastic Velcro frame. Telescoping feature means the handle can be sized to the user for ergonomic correctness.... More >>
This 23.5" lightweight aluminum spring-clip frame and handle is designed for use with our BioMop biodegradable dust mop sheets (item 70143). Easy to use, the frame can be pre-loaded with up to 4 sheets to maximize cleaning efficiency. Comes with a twis... More >>
This 47" wide aluminum spring-clip frame and handle is designed for use with our BioMop biodegradable dust mop sheet (item 70143). This extra-wide size is appropriate for hallways or large expanses of flooring. Comes with a twist-lock extension handle ... More >>
This velcro replacement strip set fits our 40 cm Biostic frames (items 60892 and 60970).... More >>
Replacement velcro for 55 cm wide Biostic frames (items 60893 and 60971)... More >>
Replacement velcro strips for the Kwik flat frame (item 2142). Can be easily replaced without tools.... More >>
The Kwikstream handle has a built-in reservoir within the handle itself. This internal reservoir means the Kwikstream has a very low profile allowing it to gets into hard to reach places like stairs, under beds, under furniture. With the Kwikstream, wate... More >>
AGF Ultrafibre hand cloths are heads and shoulders above the average microfibre cloths sold in retail outlets. They are made of Pola Millentex, a warp-knitted fabric that is soft and durable with an excellent consistency of weave. Cloths will retain th... More >>
These silky blue microfibre cloths remove fingerprints, oils and dirt from glass and chrome, leaving behind only a gleaming, clean surface. Eliminate the need for excessive amounts of glass cleaner-these cloths will do the job with very little chemical ... More >>
AGF Ultrasilver hand cloths combine the cleaning power of Millentex microfibre with the antibacterial benefit of silver. Microfibre picks up dirt and bacteria on a microscopic level, while silver ions bound within the fibres of the cloth prevent the gro... More >>

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