Microfibre Systems

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The Wall Wash is a task-specific mop frame for washing walls and ceilings. 11" wide by 8" deep, it is the perfect size for washing walls, anything larger would be unwieldy. Made of heavy-duty plastic, it can safely be used with a sidepress wringer and ... More >>
The flexi-scrub contours to fit irregular and hard to reach surfaces such as acrylic tub surrounds and shower stalls, providing more efficient cleaning. The all-synthetic construction with no metal parts means it won't scratch surfaces.... More >>
This 18" microfibre pad comes fully assembled and can be used wet or dry. The pad can be removed and laundered.... More >>
This flat microfibre floor pad is made of PET microfibres that reduce drag on smooth flooring while picking up substantially more dirt and contaminants than traditional yarn mops. The trapezoidal shape (18" long) of the pad helps get into corners fo... More >>

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