Microfibre Systems: Dusting

For picking up and holding dust on any overhead shelf, pipe or fixture, the high pile of our microfibre dusting sleeve is unparalleled. When used with the low-profile, flexible Microblade frame and handle 21801, this duster is extremely versatile. The mi... More >>
The Microblade flexible duster is the answer to awkwardly shaped or high surfaces that need to be dusted. The frame comes with a short handle for jobs at arms' length, but when paired with one of our Kwik system extendable handles 36782 or 36781), high ... More >>
This slip-on dusting sleeve is made from the same Pola Millentex as our microfibre hand cloths, for the very best in dust and grime pickup. The sleeve features a Velcro closure and with proper care can be laundered hundreds of times. Use damp for caked... More >>
This microfiber duster is made from Premium MicrowoolTM. Duster is attached to a plastic handle. T230A comes with locking extension handle.... More >>