Microfibre Systems: Microfibre Cloths

AGF Ultrafibre hand cloths are heads and shoulders above the average microfibre cloths sold in retail outlets. They are made of Pola Millentex, a warp-knitted fabric that is soft and durable with an excellent consistency of weave. Cloths will retain th... More >>
These silky blue microfibre cloths remove fingerprints, oils and dirt from glass and chrome, leaving behind only a gleaming, clean surface. Eliminate the need for excessive amounts of glass cleaner-these cloths will do the job with very little chemical ... More >>
AGF Ultrasilver hand cloths combine the cleaning power of Millentex microfibre with the antibacterial benefit of silver. Microfibre picks up dirt and bacteria on a microscopic level, while silver ions bound within the fibres of the cloth prevent the gro... More >>
This might be the "handiest" tool a professional can keep in their kit: a Microsilver handyscrub for all those little jobs around sinks, countertops or fixtures. The polypropylene scrubber bristles in the pad help dig out dirt deposits while the Ultrafi... More >>