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Considered the best on the market by professionals, REA-C-H poles are constructed of anodized, industrial-strength aluminum with high impact plastic tips. An extension pole increases safety when cleaning second-storey or tall windows by eliminating the h... More >>
18ft. X 3 Section Rea-c-h Pole Considered the best on the market, REA-C-H poles not only extend over windows, their sturdy construction helps them extend over years. Quarter-turn positive lock. Fluted gold-anodized, industrial-strength aluminum with h... More >>
This small plastic locking collar for Ettore REA-C-H extension poles replaces the locking collar closest to the pole's tip in 3-section models; it is the only replacement locking collar needed for 2-section poles.... More >>
This large plastic locking collar for Ettore REA-C-H extension poles replaces the locking collar furthest from the pole's tip in 3-section models.... More >>
This rugged scraper features blades with both a sharp and a dull side. Use the sharp edge to scrape windows and the dull side to remove dried on gunk from flooring without scratching the surface. This scraper is ideal for high-level scraping as it can be... More >>
Scrapemaster's 4" double-sided stainless steel blades make easy work of removing dried-on residue from any glass surface. Tough plastic handle comes with snap-on protective cover to help keep the blade edge sharp when stored. When one side gets dull, si... More >>
Champion's double-edged 5" Danish stainless steel blades conform to glass closer than ever. It's easy to safely change or rotate the double-edged blades. Offset handle design is ideal for use in tight corners. Champion scrapers come with a protective cov... More >>
Remove gum, tape or other dried-on gunk with this heavy-duty long-handled floor scraper. Blade is 4" wide and will not gouge or scratch floors. Angled head is ergonomically correct and the 48" handle means no stooping or kneeling to remove residue from f... More >>
Replacement blades for 4" or 6" Super Scraper. The blade is sharp on one side for doing windows and dull on the other for floors... More >>
4" wide double-edged stainless steel replacement blades for the Scrapemaster Scraper 37500).... More >>

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