Wet Mops: Specialty

Sorb-X is made of a non-woven, extremely absorbent material that can absorb large quantities of liquid. Sorb-X mops should be kept as part of an emergency clean-up kit wherever liquids such as fuels, solvents or other dangerous chemicals are stored or us... More >>
With the addition of the cone this strip mop allows easy wringing. Comes complete with a 48" metal handle.... More >>
This yacht mop features a detachable cotton yarn mop head. Available in cotton or synthetic refill heads. ... More >>
This unique microfibre mop features a non-abrasive scrubbing tip. The twisting action provides easy wringing. The head can be replaced and the handle is also extendable.... More >>
This strip mop has a detachable head for convenient laundering. Mop comes complete with a 48" metal handle.... More >>