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This 9" Soft Grip Squeegee is perfect for bathrooms and windows. Handle also has a hang up hole built in.... More >>
15" radial toilet brush with caddy.... More >>
Radial toilet bowl brush with 6" caddy. Caddy can be purchased separately.... More >>
Soft Grip radial toilet brush includes a hang up hole and an under the rim scrubber... More >>
The radial toilet brush has a 3" diameter cleaning head. A hang up hole is built into the handle.... More >>
Curved handle enable easy cleaning of all area of the toilet bowl, the stiff nylon bristles are designed for quick cleaning.... More >>
These sponges measure 5" x 3" and are ideal for everyday cleaning. They come in packs of 2.... More >>
This is a Celluforce sponge that is super absorbent and always soft. ... More >>
This 6 pack of assorted color sponges with scourer are ideal to use on pots, pans, dishes, counter tops, and for general cleaning.... More >>
These scourers are great for cleaning stainless steel and cast iron pans. They come with or without a handle.... More >>

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