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An all-natural push broom combining a stiff Palmyra centre surrounded by an outer row of medium natural fibre. These two fibres are plant based, heat resistant, aggressive sweepers that move large debris over rough surfaces.... More >>
A soft sweep broom combining horsehair blend with other synthetic fibres for sweeping fine particles on smooth surfaces. The flicking action as the broom sweeps helps move dust efficiently.... More >>
These fine fibre push brooms are filled with a blend of synthetic and natural horsehair, a combination that effectively captures and moves fine dust on smooth indoor surfaces.... More >>
The Otter is a quality corn mix broom for general use around the home or office. Durable construction with 5 strings and a comfortable 7/8" painted handle.... More >>
The Muskrat corn broom is a light weight corn mix broom for picking up dust and dirt around the home or office. It has a 4-string construction with a comfortable 7/8" painted handle.... More >>
The Mink corn broom is a light-duty, short-handled lobby corn broom for use with lobby dust pans in entrances and vestibules. Sturdy 3 string construction with 13/16"x 30" painted handle.... More >>
The Coyote is a medium-duty corn broom made from 100% corn fibre. Steel band plus 3 rows of stitching and strong 1-1/8" handle makes this broom ideal for general purpose or warehouse sweeping conditions.... More >>
Fox corn broom is a medium-duty mixed corn, 6 string broom for commercial applications. Durable 15/16" handle fits smaller hands.... More >>
The Husky corn broom is made from 100% corn with a cane centre and 3 string/1 steel band construction. Built for heavy-duty industrial sweeping applications, indoors and out. Strong 1-1/8" handle is designed to provide a durable yet comfortable grip.... More >>
The Wolf corn broom is 100% corn with a 3-string/1 steel band construction. Built for general sweeping action in industrial applications, indoors or out. The strong 1-1/8" handle is varnished for a comfortable grip.... More >>

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