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The Contractor Power Sweep - Rough sweeps heavy debris such as gravel, glass, and shingle scraps. Designed for indoor or outdoor use under wet or dry conditions.... More >>
The plastic foam block head - rough is designed for sweeping heavy debris like gravel, wet grass, mulch, and heavy dirt. This block is for outdoor use under wet or dry conditions. Can be used on Rough Surfaces... More >>
The Bass Street Broom is used to sweep heavy debris such as gravel or mulch. This is an outdoor broom that can be used in wet or dry conditions. Bass Street Broom includes a hardwood tapered handle.... More >>
This corn broom is constructed of heavy corn and yucca fibers with 6 rows of stitching. Great for heavy cleanups around the home. Excellent for indoor and/or outdoor use.... More >>
The Railroad/Switch broom is constructed of fibers that are resistant to water, acids, oil and most chemicals. The fibers used are railroad approved.... More >>
Wood block with bumper ring. Ideal for kitchens, utility rooms, offices, beauty and barber shops. Comes assembled.... More >>
This "mini corn broom" is a useful handheld tool to sweep out small spaces found in vehicles, offices or kitchens. Corn bristles with a metal-capped handle with hanger to store it within easy reach.... More >>
"Big Sweep" Angle Broom and large head only. Large broom has a 13" sweep face, ideal as a housekeeping broom.... More >>
The All Purpose Floor Sweep-Soft can sweep fine debris such as dust, sand, and wood shavings. This broom is perfect for indoor use under dry conditions and would be good to use in offices, warehoses and hosiptals.... More >>
The All Purpose Floor Sweep-Medium can sweep dust and mid-weight debris such as dirt, leaves, and gravel. This broom can be used indoors or outdoors in dry conditions.... More >>

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