Brooms: Industrial

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A fine fibre push broom with soft, synthetic fibres. Flagged ends pick up dust with an almost magnetic action, making this broom a good choice for hardwood floors. The fill is moisture, solvent and oil resistant with excellent memory, so bristles will re... More >>
Synthetic horsehair encases a medium, natural tampico centre on these brooms. The soft, synthetic outer bristles pick up fine particles, while the extra flicking power of the stiffer tampico centre helps move larger debris for a well-rounded indoor broom... More >>
This stiff sweep synthetic broom is ideal for snow, gravel, or mud in wet or dry conditions. The fibre is oil and solvent resistant.... More >>
The 67 Series features a centre filled with coarse synthetic bristles encased by a row of soft, flagged, synthetic bristles for a broom that will sweep up fine dust and move debris at the same time.... More >>
Our 100%-synthetic fibre, broom is an all-purpose choice for use indoors on wood, linoleum or concrete floors or outdoors on smooth surfaces.... More >>
A combination of synthetic tampico fibres makes this broom a good choice for a warehouse or any facility where both fine dust and larger particles need to be moved.... More >>
An all-natural push broom combining a stiff Palmyra centre surrounded by an outer row of medium natural fibre. These two fibres are plant based, heat resistant, aggressive sweepers that move large debris over rough surfaces.... More >>
A soft sweep broom combining horsehair blend with other synthetic fibres for sweeping fine particles on smooth surfaces. The flicking action as the broom sweeps helps move dust efficiently.... More >>
These fine fibre push brooms are filled with a blend of synthetic and natural horsehair, a combination that effectively captures and moves fine dust on smooth indoor surfaces.... More >>
The Bass Street Broom is used to sweep heavy debris such as gravel or mulch. This is an outdoor broom that can be used in wet or dry conditions. Bass Street Broom includes a hardwood tapered handle.... More >>

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