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This corn whisk features a white plastic handle with hanger. A valuable tool around home, office or car, for sweeping out small spaces.... More >>
This ceiling fan has been designed specifically for all ceiling fans where dust collects. For extra reach an extension pole is recommended such as item #46710 - AGF Solstice Extension Pole... More >>
An economical, twisted-in-wire bowl brush filled with natural white Tampico fibre. Tampico is heat and chemical-resistant, with a softer scrubbing action. ... More >>
An economical choice for toilet or urinal cleaning, this twisted-in-wire bowl brush comes with medium-stiff polypropylene fibres and a plastic handle. Curved horseshoe shape allows easy cleaning under rims. ... More >>
The toilet/urinal brush is filled with an aggressive polypropylene fibre and filled in a sanitary and sturdy poly foam block. Unique design makes cleaning urinals or under toilet bowl rims easy. Not recommended for use with acid.... More >>
The most popular industrial toilet bowl/urinal brush, with medium-coarse fibres for good scrubbing action. Although the fibres are acid-resistant, we recommend using a soft bowl swab for the application of acid cleaners because the stiffer bristles of t... More >>
A white plastic bowl brush caddy sits sturdily on a wide base with non-skid bottom, for convenient storage of our round bowl brush (item #823). ... More >>
Acrylan toilet bowl swabs are designed to be used with acid bowl cleaners. Their soft swabs don't scrub, but instead release acid solution quickly onto the surface of the bowl to eliminate dripping or splashing. The economical price of these swabs means... More >>
Acrylan toilet bowl swabs are specifically designed to be used with acid bowl cleaners. The material of the swab releases liquid quickly to eliminate dripping and splashing. These bowl swabs feature a cone-shaped hood that slides down the handle to cove... More >>
This white plastic caddy safely stores our Acrylan bowl swabs and also has an adjustable holder for storage of the bottle of cleaning chemical. Workers don't need to directly touch an acid-filled or dirty swab to transport it or store it, decreasing the... More >>

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