Brushes: Scrub/utility

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This sturdily-constructed general purpose scrub brush can be attached to any standard threaded handle. Its crimped, stiff synthetic fibres make short work of scrubbing large surfaces, and the swivel connector allows ease of maneuvering in corners or arou... More >>
This soft, natural Tampico fibre brush is perfect for scrubbing fabrics and removing stains from upholstery and carpets. The rectangular shaped block features a grooved edge for an ergonomic grip.... More >>
The pointed union scrub brush is made with aggressive natural union fibre for scrubbing tough to clean areas. Brushes are ergonomically designed to reduce fatigue. Union fibre is heat resistant and retains moisture well.... More >>
Grout and Crevice Brush Upsweep handle works the black nylon bristles into grout and crevices. Excellent to remove dirt, grime and residue. Overall length of the brush is 8-1/8" - trim is 7/8". ... More >>
The all-synthetic iron shaped scrub brush with the open handle can be used to scrape off dried-on dirt while the pointed end gets into hard-to-reach corners for either scraping or scrubbing.... More >>
Essential to kitchens or in food-processing areas, a stiff nail brush allows workers to make sure hands and nails are extra-clean. White plastic closed-grip handle, and stiff poly-fibres are non-porous to help prevent the growth of bacteria, meeting foo... More >>
Tampyl scrub brush is designed for light to medium scrubbing.... More >>
Peanut shaped Plastic scrub brush with hang up hole... More >>
Polypropylene resists acids, solvents and chemicals. This brush pairs stiff blue polypropylene fibres in a 9" polyester handle. The all-synthetic nature of the brush makes it a good choice in food-processing or food service environments because it won't ... More >>
The 8" Soft Grip plastic handle with nylon bristles is ideal for cleaning small, hard-to-reach areas.... More >>

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