Brushes: Vehicle

Filled with soft X-shaped polyester fibre for maximum water-holding capabilities and durability. Ideal for scrubbing detailed areas of vehicles, such as grilles and bumpers. 9" handle allows maneuverability in tight spaces.... More >>
10" structural foam flow-through block is heavily filled with medium stiff, acid-resistant, polypropylene fibre. Excellent for cleaning large areas on industrial vehicles such as cement trucks. Use with an acid resistant handle or any standard threaded o... More >>
The 10" foam block is densely filled with synthetic horsehair fibre. Synthetic horsehair is crimped to hold large amounts of water and softly move across delicate surfaces to remove grime and soil. Use any standard threaded or tapered handle. Can also be... More >>
This 10" wide dual level (angled) block is filled with soft, flagged polystyrene fibre that won't scratch painted surfaces when used on a pre-rinsed vehicle, with soapy solution. Use with a standard or flow through handle to reach all areas of a dirty ve... More >>
10" dual level brush easily cleans all areas of the vehicle. The flow through block with plush nylex fibres are designed for removing dirt from the most delicate automotive finishes. Vehicles should be thoroughly rinsed to remove grit and heavier dirt p... More >>
This detail brush features medium-stiff fibre fill that resists deterioration when used with acidic or caustic solutions. An excellent choice for cleaning concrete trucks, or any vehicle that requires extra heavy-duty scrubbing. Long handle allows easy ... More >>
Filled with X-shaped polyester fibre for maximum water-holding capabilities and durability. Longer, 20" handle makes it ideal for scrubbing hard-to-reach areas of vehicles, such as truck side-view mirrors and around doors and in wheel wells. ... More >>