Carts: Accessories

Ces bacs pour accessoires d'entretien ménager sont fabriqués de plastique robuste moulé, résistants aux produits chimiques et à une utilisation régulière. Ces bacs possèdent 3 compartiments et vont s'installer sur la plupart des chariots utilisés sur l... More >>
This durable storage bin is a Centurion Janitorial Cart accessory that helps provide extra storage space for cleaning tools and products.... More >>
Centurion Utility Caddy features molded grooves for neat trigger bottle placement and built in storage bowl for bowl mop or brushes. The utility Caddy is designed to fit perfect on The Centurion Janitor cart allowing for better storage solutions.... More >>
The Centurion Utility Pail is a 6qt (5.6L) pail designed to fit on the Centurion Janitorial Cart and is available in 4 colors.... More >>
The Centurion Cup is an attachment designed for a 32 gallon (121.1L) trash can and the 44 gallon (166.5L) trash can. A conveniently located cup that easily attaches and removes from the utility can with a positive snap locking mechanism. The Centurion Cu... More >>
The Centurion Auto Dolly is a unique trolley dolly system with a wringer bucket docking system and foot pedal lock to engage and release. The Centurion Auto Dolly can also be connected to the Centurion Duo Dolly, making trash and recycle pick ups fast an... More >>
The Centurion Duo Dolly is designed to be used with a regular or recycle waste container making trash collection a one person job that is fast and easy. The Duo Dolly is also designed to attach to the Centurion Janitor Cart and the Centurion Auto Dolly.... More >>