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Professional grade lambswool with plastic handle. Available with locking extension handle.... More >>
Wooly Wonder dusters are made with 100% natural lambswool, which makes the perfect duster because of its dust-attracting static charge. The versatile Hi-Rise is excellent for all surfaces above shoulder height. Its 44" handle retracts to a compact 30" le... More >>
Synthetic chamois cloths are the best alternative to natural. Stays soft and pliable at all times and can be boiled to clean. These chamois will not be affected by oils or grease. They are tough and highly absorbent for long life. ... More >>
Our cod-oil tanned natural chamois pulls water off surfaces with ease. This is the chamois used by professional car detailers or window cleaners everywhere. As this is a natural product, expect some variation in shape and size. Sizes given are approximat... More >>
Velva Sheen Dust Cloths are made of long lasting flannelette. They can be used on any surface, even glass, without causing streaking. They leave the surface with a clean and dry lasting finish that gives the greatest protection from dust, scratches, and ... More >>
Our Auto-Home hand duster is the perfect tool for detailing car interiors. The cut-end cotton dust mop is attached by ties to a sturdy plastic handle and can be replaced when necessary. The mop is pre-treated with Velva Sheen Dust Control Treatment. ... More >>
This roll of long lasting flannelette is treated with Velva Sheen. Cloths can be cut to any size needed. They can be used on any surface, even glass, without causing streaking. They are treated with Velva Sheen Dust Control treatment, which leaves the su... More >>

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