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One of our most popular dust mop frames, this steel frame collapses for easy installation of 5" slip on or tie on dust mops. Rugged industrial frame and hardwood handle are built to last. 360-degree swivel with exclusive roll-pin provides maximum maneuve... More >>
This steel rigid frame is perfect for use with any tie-on dust mop. Exclusive roll-pin helps cleaning staff maneuver frame around objects with ease. Comes with a 60" hardwood handle. Available in 18", 24", 36", 48", 60" ... More >>
60" vinyl - covered metal clip-on handle is easy to attach to rigid mop frames. Can be adjusted for 360° swivel, or rigid sweeping.... More >>
This 60" hardwood handle can be used to replace broken or worn handles for our breakaway (126-series) or rigid bolt-on (125-series) dust mop frames.... More >>
This 60" aluminum handle can be used to replace the wooden handles sold with our 126- and 125-series breakaway or rigid dustmop frames. Excellent for use in food service and processing applications, where wood is prohibited.... More >>
This aluminum handle has a plain end which will accept our Jaws connector replacement head see item #1650) or can be used with some floor squeegees (see our 471, 472 and 473 series heavy duty moss rubber floor squeegees, 470 series econo moss ... More >>
Use this little helper wherever you need an extra reach. Perfect for painting, scrubbing windows, or washing trucks. Extends from 42" to 78". Threaded tip. If this pole is to be used with window squeegees or t-bar scrubbers, use our item 36800 taper ada... More >>
This 3-section extension pole with threaded tip is made of lightweight and durable aluminum, which assures a pole that is well balanced, yet offers maximum strength. Sections can be released and locked with an easy twist-lock mechanism. Engineered usin... More >>
24' X 7/8" 4 Section Twist Lock Extension Pole is made of lightweight, durable anodized aluminum. The pole is well balanced and offers maximum strength. Engineered using high tensile Alloy Drawn Tubing with ANODIZED finish that prevents oxidation and re... More >>
This 54" fibreglass handle features our Jaws connector. Because the Jaws connector is made from nylon, it will not absorb chemicals which can cause other connectors to become brittle and break. Jaws opens wide to make mop changes quick and simple and to... More >>

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