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Dine in the Dark: AGF Proudly Supports CNIB
Recently, Atlas Graham Furgale had the honour of attending CNIB's 4th Dine in the Dark event in Winnipeg. It was an evening out we won't soon forget!


CNIB has been aiding, educating and advocating for blind and partially sighted people since 1918, and their incredibly valuable work continues today with the goal in mind of a barrier-free society that sees beyond vision loss. AGF couldn't be prouder to support this incredibly important cause.

Dine in the Dark is not only a fundraiser, but also a journey of the senses, and one of the most unique dining experiences one could ever hope to partake in! At this most recent event, while blindfolded, we enjoyed cocktails and the comedy of Daryl Makk to start, followed by a delightful dinner. Focusing only on what we could smell, taste, hear and touch, we got to experience an evening of laughs, flavours and fun in ways we weren't quite unaccustomed to, but that embody the way many members of society experience life every day.

Dine in the dark was a huge success, and we at AGF are very pleased to support CNIB. We strongly encourage anyone interested to seek out further information at!