Microblade Frame only
Features & Benefits

The Microblade flexible duster is the answer to awkwardly shaped or high surfaces that need to be dusted. The frame comes with a short handle for jobs at arms' length, but when paired with one of our Kwik system extendable handles 36782 or 36781), high ledges or ceiling fan blades can be cleaned with ease. Microblade's flexible foam-covered steel blade can be shaped to dust curved surfaces such as overhead ducting or pipes. Use with the low pile Ultrafibre sleeve (21802) or with our new high-pile microfibre duster for extra dusty surfaces (21803).

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Microblade is flexible and versatile as it will hold any position you shape it to and can be used with a short or long Kwik handle
Use with your choice of launderable microfibre dusting sleeve--the low pile damp/dry sleeve 21802) or the high-pile microfibre sleeve for extra pick-up 21803)


Product Details and Variations
Microblade Frame only 21801 060188218017 24.500 x 3.500 x 4.750 5