AGF Solstice Starter Kit
Features & Benefits

If you are using a spray bottle of cleaning solution and paper towels to clean smooth or polished surfaces you are working too hard. A quicker, simpler and safer way to clean surfaces uses a microfibre scrubber, squeegee and plain water. This kit provides all of what you will need.

The kit is ergonomically correct and environmentally friendly. A single stroke of the scrubber or squeegee doubles the surface area covered by a hand-held towel, dramatically cutting time spent on the task. The resulting clean surface is streak-free and can be attained using surprisingly little water. A reduced need for chemicals as well as time saved means this kit pays for itself in about a week or less in most institutions.

Kit includes:-

#46710 - 10’ (3m) x 3 section extension pole
#46410 - 10” scrubber refill
#46414 - 14” scrubber refill
#46310 - 10” scrubber t-bar
#46314 - 14” scrubber t-bar
#46110 - 10” stainless steel squeegee channel w/ rubber
#46114 - 14” stainless steel squeegee channel w/ rubber
#46118 - 18” stainless steel squeegee channel w/ rubber
#46100 - Stainless steel squeegee handle

Made from Lightweight yet durable polypropylene and stainless steel
Scrubber is made of dense cut pile microfibre for deep cleaning
Kit is designed to work together with other Solstice tools for the best possible cleaning performance


Product Details and Variations
AGF Solstice Starter Kit 46001 060188460010 25.4 x 124.5 x 10.0 1