FM450 Facility Maintenance Cart
Features & Benefits

The FM450 facility maintenance cart is ideal in a health care setting. With a 21" X 37.5" base that can be exended by 14.5" with a base extension, it can hold just about everything a custodian needs and can be outfitted with many useful accessories, including mop buckets, hand cloth pails, handle clips, sign hooks, a locking cabinet, a work station/refuse bag cover with storage compartment, laundry bags and more. This cart's heavy-duty frame has been treated with patented "Rilsan" coating that won't corrode if scratched or chipped.

Buckets and Pails sold separately. See related products.

Trolley features four non-marking multidirectional casters for maneuverability
Comes with two deep storage trays, two handle clips and one double hook for hanging items
Many accessories available to customize this cart for different facilities


Product Details and Variations
FM450 Facility Maintenance Cart 63450 060188634503 42.0 x 21.0 x 10.5 1