Flexsweep X-Coarse Sweep Push Broom
Features & Benefits

AGF Flexsweep Extreme Rough Surface push brooms are engineered to provide maximum sweeping performance for extreme rough surfaces. Ideal for sweeping heavy debris on rough, outdoor surfaces like concrete and asphalt. Made from the toughest materials for the most extreme environments. Patented Flexsweep connector acts like a shock absorber to combat the shearing stresses that break handles. The connector removes the requirement for a brace and also gives the broom a lower profile for getting around and under equipment.

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Amazing Flexsweep connector flexes but will never break
Lifetime guarantee against connector breakage
No cumbersome brace to obstruct you
Easily sweep around desks and tools
Perfect for machine shops and factories


Product Details and Variations
Flexsweep X-Coarse Sweep Push Broom - 18" - Boxed 99977 060188999770 61.500 x 5.500 x 4.250 4
Flexsweep X-Coarse Sweep Push Broom - 24" Boxed 99978 060188999787 61.500 x 5.500 x 4.250 4