Solid Core Tube Brush-2-1/2" Diameter
Features & Benefits

Designed for cleaning larger tubes or floor drains, these stiff-bristled solid core tube brushes have a diameter of 2 1/2" and can be attached to any of the Euro-thread Food Hygiene handles, which range in length from 13" to 63". The polyester bristles have a high melt point, low water absorption and excellent tensile strength. The tufts are secured with stainless steel staples. The block is constructed with polypropylene that is shock, distortion and crack resistant. The brush is available in five distinct colours to aid in the implementation of HACCP programs.

Stiff polyester bristles in a round brush with 2 1/2" diameter for cleaning drains or larger tubes
Use with Food Hygiene line Euro-thread handles
Can be autoclaved to sterilize


Product Details and Variations
Solid Core Tube Brush-2-1/2" Diameter B1529/95B 804548104424 11.25 x 8.75 x 7.0 2